About Us

We operate in a global ecosystem that is helping governments and big corporations build and operate turn-key infrastructure for the collection, analysis and implementation of insights through Earth Observation from space.

Our satellite-as-a-service model will be highly beneficial for public and private organisations with a platform for agriculture, civil works, and intelligence within existing ecosystem using our proven product at an unmatched cost; enhancing personnel’s productivity, enabling them to sustain and secure domains..

Over a virtual call or physical meeting, we can discuss the reliability and consistency of our earth observation product and other services. Our offer lowers costs of integrating high resolution data (and technology) into existing platforms; it is flexible, localized, hands-on, and offers multiple channels for access, and more productivity bandwidth.

Portfolio Satellites

Spatial Resolution

Cost-effective than Others

Spectral Camera Spec
  1. 1
    Multispectral camera

    High-resolution 99cm GSD on all bands and 70cm (0.7m) Super Resolution. Up to 4 revisit of any point of interest

  2. 2
    Hyperspectral sensor

    Imagery from 29 bands at 25-m resolution

  3. 3
    Video capturing

    Up to 60 sec acquisition of ground event

  4. 4
    Capture mode

    Off-nadir capturing with +/-25 angles. Capture modes include spotlight, tiles, stripes and line-following/oblique.

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Carl Sagan in Pale Blue Dot, 1994